Why can't Lucy find a man who makes her happy?

TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh was only 8 when her mum (Linda, 51) and dad (Paul, 48) divorced.

But that hasn’t stopped the 20-year-old from believing in marriage.

I want a proper cereal box
family. A husband for ever, two kids and a lovely big town house,’ Lucy tells Now’s agony aunt Caroline Buchanan.

‘I have to have someone who protects me. I want them to want me as part of their family.’

Lucy moved in with her dad when she was 14 and it was hard to see him with the new woman in his life.

‘He had a girlfriend who was 20 and lived with us for a while,’ she recalls.

‘We just didn’t get on. We were so close in age and were too similar.

‘I’m glad it didn’t work out but I didn’t like to see my dad on his own.

‘I took over as the woman of the house and started cooking for him every night.’

See the full interview with Lucy Mecklenburgh in Now magazine dated 20 February – out now!

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