The Friends actress is still trying to move on

Courteney Cox has admitted that she’s still trying to move on from David Arquette.

Courteney, 47, and David, 40, ended their 11-year marriage in 2010 but the Friends actress says it’s hard adjusting to being single.

‘I’m not over it yet,’ says Courteney.

‘When you separate, everything that happens for the first time is very intense – the first birthday, the first anniversary.’

David had a rebound fling with barmaid Jasmine Waltz shortly after the couple split and later entered rehab for ‘alcohol and other issues’.

But Courteney, who has a 7-year-old daughter Coco with David, is determined to stay on good terms with her ex.

‘We were married for 11 years and we did a pretty good job,’ Courteney tells TV Buzz.

‘Now we want to set an example of how to be friends.

‘I mean, you have so much history with someone, there’s no point in letting egos change what you’ve had.’

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Anna Duff