The footballer has shaped his brows

Cristiano Ronaldo is sporting some rather immaculate-looking eyebrows.

The Real Madrid star, 29, showed off plucked brows when he stepped onto the pitch in Germany yesterday for his team’s Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

Cristiano‘s eyes were framed by the neat sculpted arches, tapered at the ends and impressively featuring no stray hairs.

The footballer’s shaped look is quite different to how his brows used to be – they’re naturally much thicker and straighter.

Cristiano – who’s dating Russian model Irina Shayk – was in a pretty good mood yesterday after Real Madrid beat their opponents 4-0.

But his eyebrows drew mixed reactions from footie fans.

‘What has happened to Cristiano Ronaldo’s face!!!!he has got women’s eyebrows!!!’ Tweeted one.

Another wrote: ‘I’m not even ashamed to admit that cristiano ronaldo’s eyebrows are better than mine. that man’s arch is some real next level sh*t- respect.’

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Anna Duff