Girls left devastated after discovering their 'boyfriends' were actually 1D admirer Gemma Barker

A One Direction fan has been sent to prison for 2 and a half years after it was revealed she tricked 2 girls into ‘heavy petting’ sessions while she posed as a boy.

The young victims, who were 15 and 16 and the time, believed Gemma Barker‘s three male identities – Connor, Aaron and Luke – were real and fell in love.

The ‘boys’ had their own phone numbers and Facebook accounts and Gemma would dress differently for each character.

Gemma‘s secret was only discovered when her 2 victims reported a sexual assault by ‘Aaron’ – who they believed had been posing as ‘Connor’ and cheating on one fo them.

The court found that 20-year-old Gemma – who was also revealed in court as a 1D follower who ‘deluged’ the band with Tweets – guilty of sexual assault.

Judge Peter Modd described the 20-year-old as ‘cunning, cruel and manipulative’.

‘You have never shown a flicker of remorse and nothing you have said to any of the experts sheds any light on why you committed these offences,’ he told Guildford crown court.

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