Pete and Emily's daughter is no longer just Bista's sister


Peter Andre and girlfriend Emily MacDonagh have named their little girl – Amelia.

‘Ok FINALLY we have a name for our beaut of a baby girl. Ems, J, P and I have decided on Amelia :)))) So lovely fans before you read it anywhere else here it is. Love ya :),Pete posted on last night.

Medical student Emily, 24, and Pete, 40, are besotted with their new daughter who was first nicknamed Bista’s sister in honour of Pete‘s older daughter Princess – who’s also known as Pringles.

Before deciding on Amelia, Rose, Elizabeth and Alexandra were also on the engaged couple’s shortlist – but they wanted a name that suited the newborn.

‘I love Rose because it’s English and beautiful,’ said Pete.

‘We started calling her Rose, but she wasn’t a Rose. It didn’t click.

‘So then we went backwards and forwards. Then three days ago, Emily threw another spanner in the works and says: “What about Poppy?”

‘Poppy is a nice name. Then she threw in Isabella and I thought that’s a nice name…’

But Amelia triumphed as the prettiest name of all.

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