David has suffered from depression for a number of years

David Walliams has revealed that he’s attempted to hang himself twice while battling depression.

The comic made his first attempt in woodland at the age of 12 after he was bullied at a Sea Scouts camp, but failed because he was ‘too tall’.

He tried again in 2003 following a messy break-up, which is documented in a diary entry included in his new autobiography Camp David.

‘Just tried to hang myself. But I knew I didn’t really want to die, I just didn’t want to live. I took my weight with my feet and sat down,’ writes David, 41.

‘Earlier I had come close to stepping in front of a train. I am in total despair.’

At 18, David was hospitalised after overdosing on painkillers and he cut his throat and wrists with a kitchen knife on New Year’s Day 2003.

He was later treated at The Priory and put on anti-depressants, but says the mental illness has ‘blighted his adult life’.

‘Wanting to die has always been in me,’ writes David.

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