Dawn French has been dieting hard to shed weight


Dawn French has revealed that she’s still adapting to her new slimmer figure after losing weight.

The 5ft comedienne has shed a total of 7st 7lb by cutting carbohydrates and chocolate out of her diet.

Though she she’s feeling healthier, Dawn misses her ‘lovely blubber’.

‘I have a great fondness for that other body,’ says Dawn, 54.

‘I knew it very well and I don’t know this one, not yet.’

Dawn – who split with her husband of 26 years, Lenny Henry, 53, in April 2010 – weighed 19st before starting her new exercise and healthy eating regime.

Though she says she doesn’t want to lose much more, Dawn knows she’s still officially considered overweight.

‘The fact is, I’m still a fat woman,’ Dawn tells Woman.

‘I’m still stones over my BMI index or whatever it’s called.

‘I never even knew such a thing existed until people started telling me there was a weight you’re supposed to be.’

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