Chase Friedman is brave enough to ask Emily for a date

Emily Ratajkowski has some very adoring fans.

The Blurred Lines model, 22, thought it was hilarious yesterday when high school student Chase Friedman invited her to his prom by creating a funny YouTube video.

In the clip, Chase jokingly shows off how bad he is at sports before telling Emily that he’s not ‘tall and strong’ but is ‘5’ 9″ of the best night of your life’.

Chase is from San Diego – which is also where Emily grew up – and tells her that his dance is taking place on the rooftop of the city’s downtown library.

Unfortunately for Chase, his big event on 7 June happens to coincide with Emily‘s 23rd birthday so she won’t be able to make it.

But the gorgeous brunette seems very touched by the offer.

‘If his prom wasn’t on my birthday, I’d be going!’ Tweeted Emily.

Chase replied: ‘Just made a twitter after reading the comments. Don’t worry about it at all! Have an amazing bday and thanks for the response!!’

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