Watch out, January! Emma Willis is back and she’s going to be all up in your TV grill hosting not one but two shows

We totes adore Emma Willis, 37, here at Now.

And 2014 is going to be her year because she’s hosting both Celebrity Big Brother and The Voice.

Yay! Our jaws have been dropping at her effortlessly chic CBB outfits and those uh-mazing long legs.

At Now‘s exclusive photo shoot, mum of two Emma arrives completely make-up free, looking simply incredible, and munches Maltesers constantly (January detox? What detox?).

And when we get chatting, Emma doesn’t disappoint.

She’s a girl’s girl – warm, giggly, but opinionated. Move over Matt Willis, we’ve definitely got a massive girl crush…

Emma‘s husband Matt, 30,adores their daughter Isabelle, 4, and son Ace, 2, and is a very engaged dad.

‘He’s very hands-on. He gets up more than me, actually,’ Emma tells us. ‘I give him a kick and he’s up in the night.

‘No matter how much you want a baby, having one’s totally different.

‘It’s never easy. You think you’re ready, but nothing prepares you. You’re knocked for six.’

Emma would like a third child but Matt is not so sure.

‘I go: “It’d be nice to have one more.”

‘Then Matt goes: “We’ve only just started sleeping.”

‘So he says no, but then I say: “But soon we won’t have a baby anymore…”

‘I don’t know – you don’t plan these things.’

Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel Five every evening. The Voice is on BBC1 every Saturday night

Read the full interview with Emma Willis in this week’s Now magazine dated 20 January 2014 – download the digital edition now


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