The break-up can't have been easy for Charlie

We’re still gutted after hearing that our favourite TOWIE couple Charlie Sims and Ferne McCann have split up.

It was confirmed yesterday that the pair had ended things after Charlie, 23, gave Ferne, 24, the shock ultimatum: ‘It’s me or the show.’

A close friend revealed to us that Ferne had been heartbroken earlier in the day when Charlie took to Twitter to reveal he’d quit the reality programme and hinted at a break-up.

He wrote: ‘So sad to not loose one but two people you love dearly to a TV show.’

Charlie‘s message came after TOWIE viewers saw tensions growing between Charlie and his older sister Chloe, as well as Ferne, on Wednesday night’s show.

‘Everyone can point the finger at me.. But I have morals. And dignity and some sort of self respect. I wish @Chloe_Sims and @fernemccann the best with their lives,’ Charlie continued on Twitter.

‘But always live knowing you chose the show. And finally to the @OnlyWayIsEssex… I won’t be taking part anymore. It’s time to grow up and move on. Wish everyone the best on the show!’

A TOWIE spokesperson confirmed the split to Now, saying: ‘We haven’t been able to film with Charlie for several days because he hasn’t felt comfortable sharing his real life on camera.

‘That is an essential part of being in TOWIE. As
such we have decided he will no longer be part of the show; we agree
that it wouldn’t be right for him to continue and wish him well in the

While many are clearly upset by the news, Charlie has received a number of well-wishes, including from co-stars Mick Norcross and Debbie Douglas.

‘Thank you to everyone for their kind tweets today. Its been a journey so far.. Let’s see what else life has to offer! ✌️,’ Tweeted Charlie last night.

However, despite his positive outlook, the break-up can’t have been easy for Charlie.

As we write this (at approximately 10.05am), he still hasn’t changed his Twitter profile picture from one of him and Ferne in happier times.

The photo sees Charlie putting his arm around Ferne as she snuggles up to him.

WATCH! See Ferne McCann show us around Charlie’s deli…



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