Actress Gemma Merna had a frightening scare


When Gemma Merna discovered a lump behind one of her breast implants five years after having a boob job, she feared the worst. The 2011 scare is the reason the Hollyoaks backed Now‘s Race For Wife team in their 5k Race for Life event at the weekend to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Gemma, 29, lost her grandad to pancreatic cancer and her own breast cancer scare was traumatic.

‘I was having my make-up done for a photo shoot and the side of my boob suddenly really started hurting, so I felt it and discovered a lump,’ Gemma tells us.

I thought: “That’s not right.” I’m the type of person who can’t concentrate on anything else when something like that happens – I had to get it sorted straight away.

‘I went to the doctor that afternoon and he checked me. He said he thought it was nothing to worry about but sent me to the breast clinic anyway, which I found quite unnerving.

‘They said I’d either pulled something in the gym or it was just some gristly tissue but I insisted on having a mammogram.’

Fortunately it was found that Gemma had nothing to worry about.

‘I kept calm, but at the back of my mind there was the niggling thought that this could be really serious,’ she says.

‘My husband [Ian Minton, 32] was really worried but he was so supportive throughout the whole ordeal.’

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