The Geordie Shore girls - who really do hate each other - go Grecian to talk bust-ups

As the latest series of Geordie Shore comes to another explosive close, we caught up with old girl Holly Hagan and trouble-making newbie Marnie Simpson.

But when Now arrives on the set of the shoot, it’s clear the girls really aren’t friends.

In fact, they hate each other so much, they refuse to appear in the same photo!

We sit them down to find out what their beef is.

‘[Marnie] might be Sophie [Kasaei]’s cousin, but we don’t like her,’ declares Holly.

‘She’s been a bitch.

‘If a girl had come in and wanted to be nice and be in our group, that would be fine.

‘But there is thing called girl code…

‘It was her intention to piss us off.

‘She tried it on with all the boys.

‘If James didn’t have a girlfriend, she would’ve tried him as well.

‘We hate all the drama.

‘We just want a happy family and series seven has been the least happy series ever.’

Marnie admits she does get on well with boys but insists she’s also ‘a girly person’.

‘It’s so awkward [with Holly],’ she admits.

‘I would talk to her but I don’t want to approach her as I don’t know what I’ll get back.

‘I’m a lover not a fighter.’

Read the full interviews with Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan and Marnie Simpson and see our amazing shoot in this week’s Now magazine dated 28 October 2013 – download the digital edition now


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