Hollywood actor George Clooney on getting older

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney has revealed his body’s starting to tire a little now he’s reached 50.

But the actor, who recently split from 32-year-old girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, is still in pretty good shape for his age.

‘It’s actually been fairly smooth so far,’ says George. 

‘Things hurt a little, like my knees when I get up in the morning.

‘But, then, everything hurts when I get up in the morning.’

George is just relieved his film and TV career, which involves a long stint in medical drama ER from 1994 and films including 2008’s Burn After Reading, is still going strong.

‘I have a really good life,’ he tells Hello! 

‘I’m pretty pleased to have survived in this business because there’s a long filtering process and not that many of us get through.

‘A lot of people who started out as actors have had to take up other professions just to pay the bills.’

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Esme Riley