Gok wishes his book hadn't been so successful


Gok Wan is finding it hard to meet a new man – and he’s blaming it on the release of his autobiography Through Thick And Thin.

The fashion guru says he finds it weird when potential boyfriends have read his life story.

‘I was chatting to one guy recently who was very nice and there was obviously a bit of chemistry, but he already knew so much about me,’ says Gok.

‘He’d read the autobiography and his mum was a fan – I didn’t even know his surname!

‘Why did the autobiography have to do so well?! I’ve ruined it for myself. I’m never going to have sex again! Ever!’

Gok – who currently presents Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth on Channel 4 – split from a long-term love 4 years ago and has since struggled to get into another serious relationship.

He misses being half of a couple.

‘It’s really hard though. I’ve never been this famous, this busy and this single before,’ Gok tells TV Buzz.

‘I’m still trying to understand it. It’s weird to go home and not have someone to talk to.’

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Anna Duff