The Olympic medallist has a special connection with other red-headed stars

Olympic gold medal-winning long jumper Greg Rutherford is our favourite ginger.

We just love love red-headed boys!

‘We need more of you in the world!’ Greg, 26, tells us.

‘There are a lot of us now: Rupert Grint, Damian Lewis and Ed Sheeran.

‘I guess we’re trying to take over the world in our individual professions.

‘We talk to each other telepathically. If you’re born ginger, go with it.

‘But not all shades of ginger suit everyone. Bright ginger can hurt your eyes.’

Greg once tried a few streaks to lighten his hair.

‘I had highlights for about three years when I was 19,’ he reveals.

‘You get a lot of abuse being a ginger fella, so some people go blond because it’s easier to deal with.’

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Read more about Greg Rutherford in Now magazine dated 12 December 2012 – out now!


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