Jordan doubts her pulling power

Katie Price is getting scared she’s losing her sex symbol status.

Though the 33-year-old mum managed to bag Argentinian hottie Leandro Penna, her confidence is slipping away.

She’s never been happy with how she looks, which is why she’s had so many boob jobs, lipo and fillers,’ says Now’s source.

But now she’s petrified that men don’t find her sexy any more.

Leandro made it worse after saying how gorgeous she looked in her early photos.

‘He was just trying to be nice, but she feels jealous – not just of Amy Childs and all her younger rivals, but also of her younger self.

‘She wants to feel she’s still attractive to men.’

A spokesman for Jordan says: Katie’s had a fantastic month and she’s never been busier.’

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Now cover 15 August 2011

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