Jacqueline tells fans that she doesn't even use Facebook

Jacqueline Jossa is NOT impressed that someone is pretending to be her on Facebook.

The heavily-pregnant EastEnders actress, 22, sounded just a tad peed off yesterday when she learnt that a fake profile had been set up in her name.

Jacqueline found out about the bogus page when a Twitter fan sent her a screen shot of one of its statuses and asked if it she’d really written it.

But it was pretty clear that she hadn’t when she bluntly replied: ‘weirdo pretending, I don’t have Facebook.’


We get why Jacqueline sounded so frosty. It IS pretty bizarre to have someone claiming to be you online. And that’s not the strangest thing about this particular profile…

The hoaxer had actually been writing false updates about her pregnancy – and the status Jac saw made mention of her bodily functions!

‘Sooo annoying when I get into bed,finally get cosy then my baby decides to play with my bladder… Now I have to get uuup,’ read the post.

Unfortunately, it seems as though some people had been taken in as there were over 300 likes on the status and quite a few sympathetic messages written underneath.

Let’s hope Jac’s Tweet put a stop to it all.

Now that she’s cleared up the mystery, Jacqueline can focus on preparing for the imminent arrival of her and boyfriend Dan Osborne‘s little girl (and not, er, toilet issues).

She’s currently on maternity leave from EastEnders and enjoyed a very girlie pink-themed baby shower earlier this month.

The loved-up couple have already thought of a name, although they’re not giving anything away.

‘We’re keeping it to us. I keep changing it too,’ revealed Jacqueline last week.

TOWIE hunk Dan, 23, added: ‘It would suit her even if she’s like me or you.’

Maybe they’ll name her Lauren, after Jac’s EastEnders character? Or Jacqueline Jr? Or Danielle?! (we’re clutching). Ahhh, we can’t blimmin’ WAIT to find out!  

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Anna Duff