The actress defends her two-month-old against an internet bully

Jacqueline Jossa will NOT take people insulting her baby daughter Ella lightly.

The EastEnders actress, 22, was understandably very angry when someone cruelly labelled two-month-old Ella ‘one of the ugliest babies they’d ever seen’ on Instagram today.

The harsh comment was left on a photo that Jac‘s boyfriend Dan Osborne had posted of himself cuddling both Ella and his one-year-old son Teddy.

The snap showed TOWIE‘s Dan, 23, beaming with pride at his two little ones and he captioned it: ‘It just doesn’t get any better than this… ❤️🌍.’

But the sweet sentiment didn’t stop the troll from commenting on Ella‘s appearance.

When Jacqueline saw the upsetting post, she replied: ‘Vile! Shut the f*ck up please, get yourself off this picture, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

‘Shouldn’t be commenting on any picture calling someone ugly, let alone a baby. People like you make me sick.’

Happily for Jacqueline, she was soon flooded by support from other followers.

‘your baby is absolutely perfect in every way. Take no notice of immature people, they really aren’t worth it, don’t lower yourself to their level, rise above them. xx,’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘Go @jacjossa she’s horrible . Your little girl is beautiful! And as teddy is too x.’

Jacqueline and Dan have been very proud parents since welcoming Ella on 15 February and often post cute photos of her on Twitter and Instagram.

Dan dotes just as much on Teddy – whose mum is his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin – and regularly shares updates on the tot.

So the pair will no doubt have been horrified by this morning’s message, which shockingly also said they should ‘do something with Ella‘s hair’.

But Jac and Dan know they’ll always have support from the people that really matter.

Over the past few days, Jacqueline‘s mum Selina Jossa has Tweeted smitten comments such as: ‘such a cutie and she’s sleeping at night now 😜,’ and: ‘gorgeous little munchkin 😘.’

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Anna Duff