The actor is comfortable showing his flesh if it's bronzed


James McAvoy isn’t worried about going nude on screen.

The actor, 34, admits that he quite enjoys stripping off for film roles if the scene is ’empathetic’ – but does prefer to slap on some fake tan beforehand.

‘If they want to make you look utterly minging I’m like: “Oh, I don’t know about this,” but if they light you nicely I’m not too bothered,’ says James.

‘A bit of the old St Tropez. I need to tan myself up so I don’t blind people with my paleness because I am milk bottle white below the neck.’

James has had a pretty successful career since leaving Shameless in 2005 and is set to reprise his role as Charles Xavier in X-Men: Days of Future Past next month. 

But the dad-of-one – who’s married to actress Anne-Marie Duff – already has a plan in place to win more roles if work ever dries up.

‘You might find me whoring myself out on red carpets more often than I do at the moment if my career goes south,’ James tells Metro.

‘Hopefully it won’t come to that.’

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