Cheryl undecided about the arrogant love rant

Jealous Ashley Cole demanded an explanation from Cheryl after her recent trip to Cannes with her manager

But leaving it for a few hours, Cheryl Cole , 28, calmly replied, hammering home that Will is simply her manager and Ashley has nothing to worry about.

Our source reveals: Cheryl told Ashley she’ll make a decision on their relationship when she’s good and ready.

‘She knows she’s got the upper hand and won’t be rushed into anything. Ashley will just have to be patient.’

Last month, a string of women including Kerry Meades, 29, and fitness trainer Collette McBarron, 26, came forward claiming they’d spent the night with Ashley.

This was just before he flew to London from LA for his big reunion with Cheryl at her birthday bash on 30 June.

Since then, knowing he may have pushed Cheryl too far Ashley‘s been trying to rectify the damage.

Ashley’s been sending Cheryl flowers every day,’ says another pal. He realises he’s been an idiot and is sending them as an apology.

‘Her brother Garry is binning them most days on Cheryl’s orders, but she has kept a couple of bouquets.’

Read the full story about Ashley and Cheryl Cole in Now magazine dated 22 August 2011 – out now!

Now cover 22 August 2011

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