Now columnist Jeff Brazier's boy has supernatural experience

Jeff Brazier has revealed that his youngest son says he’s visited by his late mother Jade Goody at night.

Big Brother 3 contestant Jade died on Mother’s Day in 2009 after a battle with cervical cancer – but she’s still very much remembered by her boys Bobby, 9, and Freddie, 8.

‘Two days ago was probably the scariest experience of my life because Freddie had a case of night terrors,’ Jeff, 32, said on This Morning.

‘And he often says to me that he sees his mum in his room as well, so that all made for a pretty awkward night’s sleep.’

Jeff wants to ensure his sons never forget Jade, who was just 27 when she passed away.

‘We talk about Jade every day,’ says Jeff. ‘It’s very important to keep her memory alive.’

Jade split with Jeff after their boys were born.

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Esme Riley