Friends actress clearly isn't squeamish

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that getting her ears pierced was very much a DIY job.

The glamorous 43-year-old, who’s loved-up with actor Justin Theroux, 40, was around 13 when she used a potato and piece of celery to make the hole.

‘You put an ice cube on it,’ says Jen, 43.

‘I can’t remember how it actually went, but there was a string involved and a needle and thread, and then you hit it with the potato.’

Jennifer doesn’t explain quite where the celery came in. It sounds pretty wacky but she insists most of the weird stuff written about her isn’t true.

‘Apparently I smoosh aspirins for my flaky scalp,’ says Jen.

‘I crush aspirins and I drop them into my shampoo.

‘That’s one of the things I’ve heard.’

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Esme Riley