Justin Theroux can't relate to his character in new film Wanderlust

Jennifer Aniston‘s man Justin Theroux has admitted that he’s just not into the hippy way of life.

The actor enjoyed playing bearded bohemian character Seth alongside Jen, 43, in new film Wanderlust – but he’s definitely not been inspired to move to a commune.

‘I’m not into the free love,’ says Justin, 40.

‘I just find that lifestyle very unappealing.

Though Justin admits he has ‘little meditation things’ on his iPod and talks of his ‘little oasis’, he insists he’s no free spirit.

‘I’m too nervous and I’m too tightly wound to be a good hippy,’ says Justin.

‘I think that’s why I liked the part – he’s so mellow.

‘But I like schedule, I like routine.’ 


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