Jennifer Ellison feels like a waddling heifer herself

Pregnant Jennifer Ellison is ready to pop.

Although she’s been careful with her diet throughout her pregnancy, she’s now reached the ‘waddling’ stage.

‘I’ve been eating normally – not for two,’ Jen, 30, confided in our exclusive interview recently.

‘During my last pregnancy my cravings were steak and chips and then I’d have a starter and dessert every day – and that was just my lunch.

‘I haven’t done that this time.

‘But I had about 25 pieces of toast and a chocolate bar this morning! [Laughs].’

Jennifer is still a size 8 in maternity tops but feels enormous in comparison to Kate Middleton.

‘I feel like a heifer when I look at Kate,’ she confides.

‘She’s like a little doll with a fairytale bump, whereas I’m just waddling along.

‘She doesn’t have maternity wear like me because she’s so tiny.

‘She’s probably in the clothes I was in before I got pregnant!’

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