Jennifer Ellison is expecting her baby at the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge

Jennifer Ellison had her first child Bobby in 2010 and is now expecting her second child with husband Robbie Tickle.

Jen, 29, is due to have her baby around the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge and loves Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy wardrobe.

‘I think Kate‘s absolutely gorgeous,’ Jen tells us.

‘She’s so slim and she’s royalty, so she dresses completely differently from me.

‘I don’t necessarily think her clothes would suit me as I’m bigger and bustier, but I love her style – she’s fab.’

Jennifer‘s good friend Danielle Lloydnow Mrs O’Hara – is pregnant too…

‘Yeah, she’s due in September. There’s a massive baby boom isn’t there?

‘There must be a reason why everyone’s pregnant. Maybe it’s something to do with that book Fifty Shades Of Grey!’

Read the full interview with Jennifer Ellison in Now magazine dated 8 April 2013 – out now!

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