After experiencing devastating PND with her first baby, Jennifer Ellison tells Now she's worried it may happen again

When Jennifer Ellison gave birth to her first child Bobby in 2010, nothing could’ve prepared her for the horror that awaited her in hospital – or what she’d have to cope with after she gave birth.

Following an ‘extremely scary’ four-day labour (that would normally be enough to put any woman
off having children ever again), Jen found herself also battling postnatal depression.

This time, Jen tells Now she’s prepared for anything.

But with just three months to go until she gives birth to her ‘miracle’ baby, she can’t help but worry about whether she’ll have postnatal depression all over again…

‘It’s already crossed my mind,’ Jennifer tells Now’s Amy Brookbanks.

‘But I hope I should be OK… [She hesitates] I don’t think I’ll get it with this baby.

‘I think I got it last time because of the shock of the labour – it was extremely stressful and very scary.

‘Four days of no sleep and then a baby!

‘Everything was negative in my mind.

Thankfully my mum also had postnatal depression, so she recognised the signs.

‘My GP diagnosed me and prescribed antidepressants, which took about a month to take effect.

‘But I had to take them for six months.’

Read the full interview with Jennifer Ellison in Now magazine dated 8 April 2013 – out now!

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