Alexandra Burke talks relationships

Alexandra Burke has admitted that her trusting nature can cause her to get hurt.

The singer dumped footballer Jermain Defoe, 29, earlier this month after 26-year-old nurse Kirsty Crummey claimed she slept with him in March.

‘I’m quite naive,’ admits Alexandra, 23, though she doesn’t mention Jermain‘s name.

‘I think that comes from me wearing my heart on my sleeve.’

Jermain‘s ex Chantelle Houghton, 28, originally warned Alexandra off the Tottenham star, alleging he’s ‘a nasty person who cheats on everyone’.

But the X Factor winner says she doesn’t ‘judge anyone on their past’ and trusts them 100% ‘until proven guilty’. 

‘I’m a such a loyal person,’ Alexandra tells 3am.

‘That’s what I give out and I expect to get
it back. Sometimes you don’t and it does hurt.

‘But that’s just the way I

Jermain‘s denies Kirsty‘s claims, Tweeting: ‘I’ve allegedly been having a relationship with Peter Kay. Here again is an example of someone trying to make money off my back.’


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