Jessica wants to lose her good girl image


Watch out, Justin Timberlake! It looks like Jessica Biel is quite a handful.

The 30-year-old actress says she’s tired of being seen as a good girl and wants to rebel against her homely image.

‘I think I need to destroy my reputation. This whole: “I’m outdoorsy, I’m really healthy” – it’s too squeaky clean,’ says Jessica.

‘That’s going to be my new thing, go dark and unhealthy.

‘It’s time to be very, very bad.’

Jessica reckons she was quite a weird kid – she used to pretend her Barbie dolls were having sex with each other before she decapitated and defaced them.

‘It was always: “Let’s play sex with Barbies!” My Barbies were usually naked,’ Jessica tells W magazine.

I took their heads off, cut their hair, drew on their short, spiky hair
with some markers, then stuck the heads on Christmas lights.

‘Every year, we’d string our tree with those Barbie heads. It looked demonic.’

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Anna Duff