The singer is learning the downsides of fame


Jessie J only hit the music scene a little over a year ago, but the 23-year-old Londoner has revealed she already has devotees who are totally too obsessed with their idol.

‘One fan broke her ankle so she’d know how I feel. That was weird,’ says Jessie.

‘Another locked me in a toilet once and then started taking photos of me. I was like: “Please let me wash my hands!”

‘They try and jump on your car and follow you into your hotel room and stuff.’

But despite finding herself in a few sticky situations, Jessie hasn’t been put off trying to please her followers – and she gets upset when she can’t live up to their expectations.

‘My fans want me to be real, but when you want to cry because you’re so tired, they don’t get it,’ Jessie tells Fabulous.

‘They want you to be happy signing pictures and stuff. It’s hard.

‘You get emotional because you feel like you’re not good enough.’

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Anna Duff