The band try to ignore the nasty comments


JLS have revealed that their sexuality is constantly questioned online.

The X Factor boy band, whose Sport Relief single Proud is out now, try not to take the speculation too seriously and label it ‘sad’ and ‘boring’.

‘Internet trolls accuse 1 or 2 of us of being gay all the time,’ says Marvin Humes, 27.

‘We’re not, but if anyone did come out, of course we’d be supportive 100%.

‘We’re living in a time now where it’s not a taboo subject. I really don’t think it’s a problem.’

Aston Merrygold – the youngest of the group – says he was ‘tipped over the edge’ when his little sister was bullied because of his success.

And the nastiness doesn’t stop there – the boys have also been picked on because of the colour of their skin.

‘We’ve had racist abuse be it on YouTube or Twitter, all the troll stuff,’ Aston, 24, tells the Daily Mirror.

‘How people can lower themselves to that set of mind…it’s wrong, awful.

‘You just have to be thick-skinned in this industry and try and ignore it.

‘But now I don’t read the comments.’ 

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