Katy Perry's giving it another go with ex boyfriend John Mayer

There’s definitely something addictive about John MayerKaty Perry, 28, has been spotted on two dates with John, 35, since they split up in March.

Although Katy was recently linked to Robert Pattinson, 27, it seems she’s back for another slice of Mayer pie.

Sooo, was R-Pattz a bit too, erm, boring?

After all, she was once married to none other than Russell Brand

Yep, we reckon Katy‘s been bitten by the bad boy bug – and there’s no way back.

Body language expert Judi James has studied photos of the pair since their reconciliation and tells Now: ‘Did Katy and John learn anything from their split?

‘Judging from their body language, the answer is no.

Katy‘s in the leadership role as before – walking ahead and towing him along.

John‘s in a passive role again with his downcast eyes and his bland expression doing little to suggest he’s delighted to be giving it another go.’

Er, good luck with that, then, Katy

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