Luke's proved very popular with the ladies since going on a break from Josie

Josie Gibson‘s plumber boyfriend Luke Sanwo has been getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex since they agreed to take a break from their relationship.

Josie, 28, has discovered women have been sending Luke, 25, some very raunchy snaps of themselves.

‘He’s still receiving text messages from girls and they’ve moved on from harmless text messages saying he’s fit to pictures of their private parts!’ says Josie.

Luke thinks it’s funny and disgusting at the same time.’

Josie and Luke put their two-year relationship on hold last month after admitting their passion had become ‘pretty much nonexistent’.

But the pair enjoyed some banter on Twitter over the weekend when Luke hacked into Josie‘s account to write that she’d ‘sneezed and farted at the same time’.

Earlier today, Luke admitted that he didn’t want men trying it on with his ex because he’s still interested in getting back together with her.

‘At the end of the day we’re only on a break. So I don’t want some dog sniffing around her ass. We still have a chance,’ Tweeted Luke.

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