Argument erupted after Josie Gibson talked about her ex

Josie Gibson and John James Parton are embroiled in a nasty row on Twitter after she told Now her ex is ‘a manipulator who put me down all the time’.

Big Brother winner Josie, who is now living with plumber Luke Sanwo, 24, told us that she doesn’t want to talk to John James any longer – but the Aussie David Beckham lookalike claims this is far from the truth.

‘I left YOU and still to this day you try and contact me,’ Tweets John James, 26.

‘Msging me and emailing me … And im the one that needs to grow up and move on?.’

John James then sent Josie a link to Mariah Carey‘s song Obsessed, to which she replied with The Beatles‘ All You Need Is Love.

Josie, who John James at one point refers to as a ‘fruit cake’, tells him not to ‘flatter’ himself and insists she only e-mailed once.

‘Obviously the anger management course did not work out for you,’ Tweets Josie, 26.

‘Your still as nasty as ever. Agree to disagree.

‘If only some people actually knew the truth they would be disgusted. Slowly getting rid of the sharks in my life though.’

See exactly what Josie Gibson said about John James Parton in Now magazine dated 26 December 2011 – out now!


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