Josie thinks John James Parton would be shocked by her new figure

John James Parton and Josie Gibson ended their relationship in March 2011 but they still feel strongly about each other.

Passion has turned to contempt for the Big Brother 2010 contestants.

‘What a wan*er he is,’ says Josie, 28, who is looking fantastic after losing 5st and is happily settled with her boyfriend Luke Sanwo .

‘If he saw me now he’d be f*cking spitting teeth… I hope! I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than ever speak to him again.

‘But he’s so arrogant, he probably wouldn’t say anything.’

The former couple got into a furious Twitter spat before Christmas after John James, 27, read Josie‘s Now column which mentioned ‘someone from her past trying to wander back into her life’ – which we speculated could have been him.

‘HAHAHA awww come on ‘NOW’ It took me 6 months to get out of it’s life. Are you sure it’s not her parole officer? :/,’ Tweeted John James.

Josie replied: ‘@uk_JohnJames_oz don’t make out you didn’t jizz in you pants about it John!! Why you making such a biggie and still reading my column anyway.’

Josie hates seeing old photos of her and John James together.

‘I am mortified! I want them to disappear off the face of the earth,’ she rages. ‘I want them to be burned.’

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