Putting on weight has made Josie less keen on nookie


Josie Gibson doesn’t feel confident after putting on 2st and fiancé Luke has been bearing the brunt of her grumps.

‘He goes to touch me and I’m like: “Eurgh, no, get off me”,’ she confesses.

‘We’re normally at it like rabbits but we’ve been suffering in the sack because I’m feeling so gross.

‘The way I am right now, I just don’t want him to touch me.

‘He calls me sexy and tries to make me feel better but I’m like: “You’re just saying that. You don’t believe it.”

Josie, 27, has decided to give herself a slap to pull herself out of her mood.

‘I know I sound like a right old whinge bag but everyone’s allowed a moan now and then, aren’t they?’ she asks.

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