Josie knows that Luke will always look after her


Josie Gibson, 27, knows that fiancé Luke Sanwo is a very special man.

She was so thrilled about his proposal, she took him down to Bristol to celebrate with ‘the muckers’.

‘I got all dolled up, had a few shandies wearing the highest heels I’ve ever worn and came a right cropper outside a club,’ says Josie.

‘I went down like a sack of shit and heard my ankle snap.

‘Mr Muscle lifted me up, carried me to a cab, up the stairs at home and then to the hospital.

‘They plastered me up and I was lying in bed when I realised I needed a wee.

‘Lukey lifted me out of bed, carried me to the bog, put me down on it, waited while I did my business then carried me back to bed.

‘He may have proposed beautifully but carrying me to the crapper is how I know he’s
the man for me.

‘Seriously, if your man will help you down with your undergarments when you’re in plaster and not expect sex at the end of it, he’s “the one”.’

Read Josie Gibson‘s full Love Confession in the Now magazine dated 20 February 2012 – out now!

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