Josie's dad was killed when she was 10 years old


Writing a book about her life is forcing Josie Gibson to relive moments in the past that are very painful.

It’s making her a bit grumpy with devoted fiancé Luke Sanwo.

‘But I don’t want to be all: “Ooh, things were pretty bad, feel sorry for me…” I bloody hate people like that,’ Josie, 27, tells us

‘Just shut up and get on with it, eh?

‘Bringing up lots of memories from when I was a kid has made me realise how far I’ve come, though, and how lucky I am to have found a bloke like Luke who I can trust.

‘Maybe if my mum had ended up with a bloke like him instead of some of the knobs she was with, me and my brothers would all have had it a lot better…

‘But then I wouldn’t have anything to write a book about, would I?’

Read Josie Gibson’s full Love Confession in Now magazine dated 26 March 2012 – out now!

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