With her leg in plaster, Josie is being very demanding


Josie Gibson has been stuck in a wheelchair since she broke her ankle on a night out with her mates.

Fianc√© Luke Sanwo has been as attentive as ever but he’s getting worn out.

‘He’d carried me up the two flights of stairs home and when we got in I asked him to take my coat off,’ says Josie, 27.

‘He went mad, telling me I was taking the piss. “Your coat? Your coat?” he ranted. “It’s your bloody ankle not your arms, why can’t you take your own bloody coat off?”

‘I can’t blame him, I’ve been vile. My period was due, I was feeling really hormonal and sorry for myself – and then Luke gave me a drink in a dirty glass. It was the end of the world.

‘After I’d had a good shout and blown myself out, he sat down and said: “Jose, you’re killing me. You’re absolutely killing me.”

‘Bless him, I bet asking me to marry him seemed like a good idea last week…’

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