The singer doesn't bother to find a toilet

Justin Bieber has been filmed emptying his bladder in a very odd place.

A video emerged yesterday of the Canadian singer, 19, apparently weeing into a bucket used to clean a kitchen floor in New York earlier this year.

Justin was leaving a nightclub through the restaurant kitchen with his entourage when he decided he couldn’t hold his urine in any longer.

The teen star’s pals seemed to find his behaviour hilarious and are heard egging him on in the background of the clip.

‘That’s the coolest spot to p*ss. You know, you’ll forever remember that. You’re not gonna remember him p*ssing in a restroom, like everybody does that,’ says one.

After he’d finished, the group chanted: ‘We the f*cking wild kids, yo!’

Justin shouted in agreement: ‘Wild kids!’

Bizarrely, Justin then sprayed a photo of former US president Bill Clinton with cleaning fluid and yelled: ‘F*ck Bill Clinton!’ before leaving the venue.

Watch Justin Bieber weeing into a bucket…

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Anna Duff