The Big Brother star would like a more feminine face


Kerrang! Radio DJ Kate Lawler was once obsessed about having a perfect body, but not any more.

The 31-year-old’s sisters, twin Karen and Kelly, 34, are very different shapes but she never feels envious.

‘There’s no rivalry, but I wish I had Karen‘s breasts,’ Kate tells us, ‘she’s got naturally amazing breasts.

‘Kelly‘s got long, gorgeous legs and she says I got the bum. Well, had the bum.’

Kate would consider cosmetic surgery – but not on her boobs or butt.

‘I’ve grown to love my small boobs,’ she confides, ‘but I want to get a nose job.

‘Just a tweak, so it’s more feminine.

‘Not like Dannii Minogue – I still want to have a nose, but I just want it a little less like a potato.

‘Non-surgical things like Botox can look great. I had it about a year ago but it’s worn off.

Read the full interview with Kate Lawler in Now magazine dated 29 August 2011 – out now! 


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