Emma Sayle set up Killing Kittens in 2005

Kate Middleton‘s former rowing partner is now a sex party entrepreneur whose business Killing Kittens lets women ‘explore their fantasies’ in stately homes, posh hotels and luxurious penthouses.

Emma Sayle, 34, set up her company seven years ago and since then actors, bankers, models and footballers have all paid visits to the bashes where ‘girls make the rules and only girls can break the rules’.

‘They are nice cocktail parties, really – and then you might go upstairs, or out on the terrace, and you’ll see stuff going on,’ says Emma.

‘Some people come and get involved, and about 40 per cent don’t – they just dance around in their underwear and chat.’

Emma attended all-girls public school Downe House at the same time as Kate, who was a pupil there until she left to go to Marlborough College.

The pair’s paths crossed again when Kate, 30, joined Emma‘s charity fundraising group The Sisterhood in 2007 and began training to row across the English Channel with her, although she later pulled out.

‘It was great Kate being there,’ Emma tells the Mail On Sunday.

‘She was only around for three months but she is a nice girl. The dragon boat showed her doing something on her own.’


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