David's rep speaks out about 'scurrilous' gossip without a jot of truth

David Beckham has had to deny that he’s having an affair with Katherine Jenkins after the opera singer took to Twitter to dismiss wild allegations that they’d hooked up.

David and wife Victoria are reportedly ‘bemused’ by Katherine‘s decision to speak out about the ‘horrible rumours’ which never reached Now HQ.

‘We have to deal with this type of nonsense all the time on Twitter,’ says David‘s representative.

‘One minute David is dead, then you have to deal with more scurrilous rumours. There’s not one jot of truth to any of it.’

Since Katherine, 32, spoke out about the ‘hurtful’ claims last Friday she’s received a number of nasty messages and death threats on the social networking site.

One vicious user said that the blonde singer would get ‘cut’ if David, 37, and Victoria, 38, split up while another warned that they would ‘kill that sh*t‘.

‘Due to the serious nature of the threats,’ a spokesman for Katherine tells The Sun, ‘the Tweets have been reported to the police.’

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