TV's megamouth slams the latest celeb trend!

Celebrities seem to have it all – exciting lives, fabulous clothes and being loved by millions.

They’re taught how to work the camera, but sadly, most of them have never been taught how to manage money.

Just look at the likes of Duncan James from Blue and Martine McCutcheon – they’ve both declared they’re broke and filed for bankruptcy.

Bankrupt celebs are like lips without gloss.

The shine has come off and they’re left looking thin and miserable.

The major weakness of any celeb (apart from handbags and shoes) is tax.

Most of us receive a pay packet and the tax is taken away before we can get our hands on it.

Celebs get their money in big fat juicy cheques with their names on, but it seems they forget the taxman’s name should be on there, too.


Coronation Street‘s Ryan Thomas earns £90,000 a year.

He may earn big, but his brain is exceptionally small.

Perhaps he should spend less time drinking by the pool in the sun and a bit more time saving for the rainy day the taxman wants his money back.

HM Revenue & Customs declared him bankrupt this month.


Joe Swash clearly skipped maths lessons as a kid and, when it comes to thinking, someone forgot to turn on the lights.

When he was made bankrupt he owed £20,000 in unpaid tax.

No wonder he wanted to hide in the jungle.

Kerry Katona‘s the queen of credit disasters.

She’s made lots of cash, but was declared bankrupt.


She was the face of Cash Lady until she was dropped for being hopeless with money.


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