Derrick Pountney denies that Katie and Kieran have split

Katie Price hasn’t ended her relationship with Kieran Hayler, according to the husband of her best friend Jane Pountney.

The model, 35, accused third hubby Kieran, 27, of cheating with 48-year-old Jane on Twitter earlier this week, writing: ‘Sorry to say me and kieran are divorcing.’

But Jane‘s other half Derrick insisted yesterday that neither he nor mum-of-four Katie – who’s pregnant with her and Kieran‘s second child – have dumped their respective partners.

Katie did what she does, and put what she thought straight out on Twitter,’ says Derrick, 51.

‘Both us couples are still together this morning, yes.’

It’s since been reported that Katie – who’s known Jane for 20 years – has ‘banished’ Kieran to a log cabin at the end of her garden while she decides on her next move.

When Katie first claimed that Kieran and Jane had been unfaithful, she told fans that they’d been having a ‘full-blown sexual affair’ for seven months.

But Derrick later played down her angry Tweet, saying: ‘It was more like a drunken kiss.’

Now Kieran‘s grandmother Rosita Talbot has alleged that both she and his mum had known about his flirtation with Jane for ‘a while’.

‘He’s told his mother in secret. And his mother told me. His mum told him: “Don’t do it. She’s only a year younger than me,”‘ Rosita, 80, tells The Sun.

‘He’s only 27. He shouldn’t have done it. I’m old fashioned. I was married for 53 years. I see Katie a lot and I like her. She is fantastic. I blame my grandson. He is very naughty.’

On Friday 9 May Derrick Pountney then said in a
statement: ‘It is true that Jane and Kieran Hayler had an affair. This
is something that Jane deeply regrets and we will not provide any more
details about it. It is true that Kate found out about this affair on
Wednesday 7 March 2014.

‘Current reports regarding this being “a
storm in a teacup” and the affair being a “drunken kiss” do not
accurately reflect the situation. Those remarks should not be used to
undermine Kate’s account which we accept is accurate.’

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