The model says welcoming Jett wasn't the 'magical time' it's supposed to be

Katie Price has opened up about how terrified she was giving birth to son Jett Riviera two months prematurely.

Jett was born in a dramatic emergency C-section last week because Katie‘s amniotic sac had split and – after being hospitalised – she reportedly developed a life-threatening infection.

‘The baby’s heart rate was really low. The next thing I know, a nurse is in my room saying: “Get ready now. You have five minutes to shower,”‘ says Katie, 35.

‘I knew I was being wheeled to the theatre. They were pulling me and I was crying out: “Calm down!” It was pure stress. Not the magical time a birth is supposed to be.’

Katie was abroad when she delivered her little boy and was devastated when her husband Kieran Hayler, 26, wasn’t allowed in the room for the op.

There was more trauma for Katie when she was told she had to rest after giving birth and was only allowed to see Jett for a few seconds.

But she and Kieran are now staying in a nearby villa and are able to visit Jett at his special care unit every day.

‘I lay on the operating table thinking: “Is this for real? I’m having a baby in a minute and I’m crying my eyes out with my husband nowhere near me,”‘ Katie tells The Sun.

‘Bringing life into the world is supposed to be magical. But what I went through was a nightmare.’

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