Watch out! Jordan's giving music another go

Katie Price wants to get back into music and record another album.

Jordan‘s brave decision comes after her debut single Free To Love Again only managed to reach No 60 in the charts last year.

‘I want to do another album for next year what would my fans prefere cover songs(of what)new songs or mixture?’ Katie, 33, asked her followers on Twitter yesterday.

Katie has previously admitted that her only regret in life is singing live on prime time television in a failed attempt to represent the United Kingdom at 2005’s Eurovision Song Contest.

But she says if it’ll help her raise money for The Vision Charity, which supports blind and visually impaired children like her son Harvey, 9, then she’s keen to return to the studio.

‘Whether you think I can sing or not at least I do things I want in life your obviously a person who would rather knock people,’ she Tweeted to her critics.

‘Like I’ve said I love singing and at least I can say to my grandchildren I tried and did everything I wanted in life.’

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