Chelsea footballer Ashley is attached to his philandering ways

As Ashley Cole was trying to win Cheryl Cole back, you’d think he’d do his best to keep his nose clean.

After all, it was his philandering ways that ended his marriage. But the arrogant star clearly thought he could have his cake and eat it.

Since Cheryl and Ashley made their reunion official with a public display of togetherness at her 28th birthday party, a steady stream of women have come forward to say the love rat had either slept with them or tried his best to bed them – despite leading Cheryl to believe she was the only one for him.

First came lingerie model Jessyca Rayanne, 28, who revealed Ashley begged her to send him naked pictures.

Then Collette McBarron, 26, admitted to spending the night with Ashley.

And lastly Virgin Atlantic air hostess Kerry Meades, 29, who slept with Ash within the same space of time he was also with I’m A Celebrity contestant Kayla Collins.

Before Kerry‘s kiss and tell interview, the Chelsea player had used his Jedi mind tricks on Cheryl, making her believe she was to blame for his wandering eye.

As Now reported last week, instead of apologising he told her he was single at the time and it was her fault as she gave him little hope of a reunion.

Hmm, a little remorse wouldn’t go amiss, Ashley.

After her public sacking from the US X Factor, Cheryl pinned all her hopes on starting a family with Ashley.

But in light of our exclusive, we hope Cheryl gives her future with him some serious thought.

Read the full story about Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole in Now magazine dated 8 August 2011- out now!

Now cover 8 August 2011

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