Kerry Katona plans to find love once more


Kerry Katona‘s new tell-all book reveals all about her darkest days.

After splitting from first husband Brian McFadden, Kerry had a disastrous second marriage to Mark Croft, but that hasn’t put her off becoming a bride again.

‘Marrying Mark Croft was the biggest mistake of my life and that completely f*cked me over, but I’ve got four kids, so that keeps me getting out of bed every morning,’ Kerry, 32, tells us.

‘All I know is I’m a single mum with no rich husband – you’ve just got to carry on, haven’t you?

‘I’m a lot more wary of men but if I continue to be suspicious of everyone I date, every man I meet will be paying for Mark and Brian‘s mistakes and that’s not fair.

‘So I would get married again because I don’t want to die alone.’

Kerry would love more kids, but is in no rush.

‘People have this perception: “Kerry needs a man, Kerry hates being on her own,” but I don’t give a flying f*ck,’ she says.

‘I’ve had a few dates since I split up with Steve [Alce] in the summer though.’

Still Standing: The Autobiography (£18.99, Orion) is out now.

Read the full interview with Kerry Katona in Now magazine dated 3 December 2012 – out now!


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