Friends beg skinny-obsessed Kim Kardashian: Don't take it too far!

Now she’s got her wedding to Kanye West out of the way, we’d thought Kim Kardashian might kick back on her punishing weight loss regime.

But far from allowing herself to slow down, she seems determined to carry on until she hits her target size.

Last week Kim, 33, who’s been on a mission to slim down since the birth of baby North last June, posted a throwback photo of herself on Instagram from 2010, sporting a tiny waist and jutting jawline.

The caption read ‘#SkinnyDays #On TheTreadmillRightNOW’, so clearly the 3st 13lb she’s already lost since giving birth isn’t enough for the body-conscious star.

Now has learnt that Kim’s set her sights on Victoria Beckham, apparently becoming obsessed with the star, who’s known for her skinny frame.

Kim’s said to be desperate to befriend Posh, with an insider revealing: ‘Victoria’s the queen of reinventing herself. Kim’s been studying her career, style and look.’

But Kim’s family and friends seem concerned about her weight loss. ‘She’s taking things way too far,’ a friend reveals. ‘Kim needs to slow down before she does some real damage.’

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