Daughter North West is being protected by Kim and Kanye

So far, Kanye West has had panic buttons installed and hired a top-notch 24-hour security team to protect Kim Kardashian and baby North.

But now the terrified rapper has gone to a whole new level: hiring baby doubles!

Now can reveal Kanye‘s so concerned for the welfare of his first-born daughter and baby mama he’s getting lookalikes to act as decoys so they can go out and about in relative safety.

‘It may seem slightly paranoid, but he’s deadly serious about it,’ reveals a close friend of the rapper.

Kanye‘s terrified they could be the target of a kidnap attempt – or worse.

‘There are a lot of crazy people out there and he keeps saying he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his family safe.’

Kanye‘s concerns have gone into overdrive since fiancée Kim, 32, gave birth to their daughter North on 15 June.

He’s already hired not one but two former military security teams and had panic buttons put in at Kris Jenner‘s Bel Air mansion, where they’ve been staying.

He’s also had the security system upgraded and extra cameras installed at the rented mansion they’re moving into next week while renovations are finished at their permanent home.

Our source says Kanye, 36, has also overhauled plans for the renovations to add a panic room, where they can all hide safely if they have intruders.

But the body double plan is the most extreme yet.

‘He’s always been a worrier,’ admits the pal.

‘But now he’s a father, he says he isn’t prepared to take any chances – with anything.

‘That’s why he’s planning to employ body doubles to act as decoys for the three of them.’

Insiders say he’s already been talking to his security chiefs about trying to find the right people for the job.

‘The plan is for them to go out in separate vehicles to throw anyone planning to follow them off the scent,’ explains the friend.

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